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To biosphere reserve members and residents:  Please email us if you have any projects that you would like done in your region so that we may advertise your research needs in this space.

To academic faculty and research organisations:  Please let us know if you are seeking graduate students or other researchers to work with/for you on project.

Biosphere reserve-identified needs:

Calls for potential graduate students or other researchers:

  • Dr. Maureen Reed at the University of Saskatchewan is embarking on a SSHRC funded research project entitled "Terms of Endearment: The place of Canadian biosphere reserves in community-based ecosystem management". Dr. Reed is seeking up to two graduate students at the masters or Phd level to work on this project. Here is a one page summary of the project. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to email Dr. Reed at for more information.

CBRN Coordinator: Sharmalene Mendis-Millard