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As of July 2006, there are 482 biosphere reserves in 102 countries. To find out more about how the biosphere reserve concept is being put into practice around the world, visit the UNESCO MAB site.

Canadian biosphere representatives have visited biosphere reserves around the world, and, likewise, representatives from those biosphere reserves have traveled to Canada to share ideas and stories.

**To biosphere reserve members:  Please send us your stories about your travels to biosphere reserves in countries other than Canada.  Or, if you were a visitor to Canadian biosphere reserves from abroad, we are very interested in your impressions and experiences.  What are the similarities and differences between Canadian biosphere reserves and ones you are familiar with elsewhere?

You may include any materials that you would like to share (photos, powerpoint presentations, descriptions of your impressions of the site, what you did and what you learned, etc.).

International Biosphere Reserve Case Studies:

CBRN Coordinators: Sharmalene Mendis and Julia McCleave